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Šibenik might be the most fascinating Croatian city you haven’t heard of yet 

Šibenik is located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in a picturesque, indented bay of river Krka, one of the most beautiful Croatian kartstic rivers. This charming and small city has 24 churches, 6 monasteries, 4 fortresses, attractive “Four Wells”, 2851 stone stairs, the largest number of barouque organ and the mediveal monastery garden of St.Lawrence – the only such kind in Croatia. Šibenik is connected with the open sea by the vivid, narrow and curving St.Antony’s  Channel. The entrance to the channel is protected by the Renaissance fortress of St.Nicolas, which along with three other town fortresses – St.Michael, St.John and Barone, is a symbol of the centruies-old undefeated history of Sibenik.

on this tour visit masterpiece of renaissance heritage cathedral of st. james 

Šibenik is the only town in Croatia and one of the few cities in the world with two monuments listed on UNESCO’s list of protected cultural heritage sites. The most important monument in Šibenik, known in European architecture and listed as a world heritage site of UNESCO, is Cathedral of St. James dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. Five generations were working on that building for more than a hundred years, creating the perfect proportions and the impression that it was cast out of one piece. The Cathedral of St. James is the only one such building in Europe built of stone without the use of binder mortars and wooden constructive elements. 

šibenik walking tour overview

Šibenik Walking Tour begins in the center of Šibenik near the monument to King Kresimir IV and ends at  Cathedral of St. James. On the way you will discover perfectly-preserved historic Old Town center. First of all, you will visit the Church and the Monastery of St. Francis. After that, you will visit the Church of St. John, the Church of St. Lawrence, the Lourdes Grotto, the Square of the Four Fountains, the oldest street in Sibenik and some beautiful medieval palaces. Our guide will also lead you through the picturesque narrow stone streets to the peaceful medieval Mediterranean garden of St. Lawrence, which has been carefully restored after more than 10 years of neglect and is one of the few in Europe. At the end of the tour you will visit the Townhall and finally the famous  Cathedral of St.James.


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  • Entrance Tickets to Cathedral of St. James

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